People are going to hurt you, you are going to hurt yourself. You’re gonna regret things even when you say you live with no regrets, it’s going to happen. But that shouldn’t let you be scared of the world. Even though people make it seem like a giant hell hole, it doesn’t have to be. You honestly don’t even know the world, you get to perceive it in any way you want. So do you want to look out the window and see pain or joy? Do you want to wake up and make a difference or wake up and be afraid to walk out the door? Change your views and then you’ll be much happier. Being depressed in this world became normal, is that not sickening? Shouldn’t we be happy we have life instead of being afraid to wake up each morning? You have a choice and it begins with perception, and when you can’t see the good in yourself you’ll never see the goodness in other people so look up at god and see that he is the creator of all things good, and if you know anything about god you’ll know he made EVERYTHING. Therefore life is good. Make it what you will.